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Veronica Berry is a Christian writer and speaker. She lives in Florida with her husband; they have 3 adult children and 3 beautiful granddaughters, as they patiently wait for more.  Walking, reading and playing with her granddaughters brings her joy. 

She loves spending time with the elderly, drawing, painting, walking and sitting by a beautiful body of water. Her deepest joy comes as she teaches her grands and other young people the traditions of her forefathers, such as proper manners, and other simple things like how to cook dried beans, and how to make cornbread without using cornbread mix from a box. 

Veronica graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Journalism.  

Teaching in the public-school system for over 20 years provided an opportunity for her to encourage, teach, and  interact with a diversity of students with unbelievable talent. She believes a label does not determine how brilliant a child truly is and a standardized test is one of  the worst gauges for brilliance that she can think of. 

One of the greatest lessons  Veronica learned as a child was taught to her by her grandmother, Ms. Sugar. Her grandmother taught  her that everything has a name and she should know it. The second greatest lesson she learned was taught by her mother. Her mother taught her that the color of a man's skin does not determine if he has hate or not, but the condition of his heart does. 

She loves life and thanks God for the experiences life has brought to her.

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