Meliah: Job's Wife: A Story of Healing, Hope, Temptation, and Truth

What happens when a woman's perfect world is shattered? When she tumbles from the pinnacle of familial relationship, wealth, prestige, and comfort? Meliah is about to find out...

Job is the envy of every man in town, from his supportive wife, to his expansive livestock and servants. But more importantly, he is faithful to God - giving Him glory for every good thing in his life, and pointing others to worship Him. But sometimes bad things happen to good people...

These gut-wrenching words resonate from the mouths of Job and Meliah in antiquity, to the hearts of readers today: "If God is good, why does He allow bad things to happen to His children?" This novella brings catharsis for those wounds as it fleshes out God's unchanging love, goodness and healing in the midst of pain.

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Seek Shelter: Stories to Soothe Your Spirit During Natural Disasters

You will encounter at least one natural disaster in your lifetime—directly or indirectly. Your natural reaction will be to seek shelter. And yet, the very thing you seek can feel most elusive.

How do you cope in the wake of natural devastation? How can you recover? Will life ever be the same? Can any good ever come from something so bad?

Seek Shelter is a collection of inspirational stories by authors who have uncovered the good in the rubble of natural disasters. Hurricanes. Blizzard conditions. Wildfires. Tornadoes. From the most violent side of nature can sprout rest, comfort, and peace.

Seek Shelter offers you:

  • Light-hearted stories to soothe your spirit
  • Scriptures to settle your internal struggles
  • Suggestions on how to stay encouraged after the storm

Some of the writers in Seek Shelter have had to seek physical shelter from natural disasters while others have not. But all have sought shelter from life’s storms in the warmth of family and friends—even strangers—and most of all, God.

Seeking shelter? Stay with us a while.

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An Unexpected Christmas: Stories of Holidays Wrapped in Miracles, Mishaps, and Mischief

Remember that Christmas everything went as planned? No one had an argument? No Christmas ornaments broke? And all the dishes turned out perfectly? Every Christmas, something unexpected happens. Sometimes, it’s a little thing. Other times, it’s a lot bigger.

An Unexpected Christmas is a collection of the stories of Christmases no one ever expected. Read about Santa sprinkling coal dust on a child. Watch an elderly man relive his life through the ornaments on a tree. Bundle up for a freeze in an otherwise tropical city. Check out the time Santa wore sneakers. And read about the time baby Jesus went missing. 

Some stories are humorous. Others, introspective. Some, quirky. Others, sorrowful. But even in the poignancy of grief, you can discover the thread of hope and joy woven throughout each story.
Enjoy An Unexpected Christmas: Stories of Holidays Wrapped in Miracles, Mishaps, and Mischief.

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